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Our minds are programmed and habituated to patterns of thoughts and feelings which produce the results we experience in life. These can be either positive or negative depending on our programmed response and yet we have no awareness at all that this is happening. What we are aware of is the results we experience either positive or negative. This is the human condition,  habituated and lost in thoughts repeating patterns of thinking and behaviour that keeps us stuck.

Mindfulness is learning how to train and tame the undisciplined, distracted, scattered and programmed mind so that we are in control of it and not it in control of us – this is an important aspect of mindfulness. Learning how to train and tame the mind develops mental and emotional stability and cognitive flexibility – we need these two mental factors to navigate through turbulent mind states such as anxiety, depressive thought and fear based  thinking.

The mental faculty of mindfulness is not passive, you do not simply accept eveything but develop discernment to make the choices right for you.

Mindfulness training needs commitment – it does not simply happen like the flick of a switch but with the right training and guidance you will be on the path towards your goals and to get more living out of your life.

Mindfulness is not passive it is active. Taking action brings change without change we simply remain the same caught up in programmed, conditioned response. Take action today and book your call with me.

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“I would highly recommend this course to anyone. I had done a course prior to this one but just could not engage with it or take it on board.  This course has been life changing for me and I will continue to practice what I have been taught. This course has really worked for me – Thank you”.



“To stop the white noise in my head has been tremendous and my awareness of my thought patterns that create the same old negative narrative has been liberating for me. I now know that I was just running the same old programme which produced the same old outcome.  I now cut these thoughts off at their root. I feel so more in control of my life”.



“This has been an excellent course and I can see how I can use it in all aspects of my life. I am less reactive and more able to see different perspectives and make better choices. The Stop, Gap, Go practice has been hugely beneficial to ground and support me when I notice negative thoughts patterns returning. Thank you so much Geraldine”.


Mindlessness |

Mindlessness is a state of mind that is distracted, scattered, confused and lost. It is a mind that jumps all over the place from one thought to the another, creating fictitious narratives, fear-based thinking, dwelling on the past, constantly going over memories, hopes or fears which may have a strong emotional charge.  It is a mind that races off into the future, constantly striving for something different, never feeling content, always want the next thing. This is a mind lost in its analytical, critical process trying to fix things through the thinking mind. This results in an anxious mind always fearing the worst, caught up in daydreams, random thoughts and confused.

Mindlessness is a state of mind where there is no stability of mind or cognitive flexibility. It is a mind simply blown about by our reactive emotional state. A mind like this has no ability to choose because it is habituated and conditioned to work that way – it is a programmed, reactive response with no awareness.

Living life through the lens of a mindlessness state we are not in control of our lives, unable to discern choices or direct the life we want.

Mindlessness |

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“I found the help and tools I needed at a very difficult period in my life. Geraldine is very approachable and her depth of knowledge is extensive. I highly recommend this mindfulness training course”.



“I have developed better self-awareness and feel more relaxed and able to cope better in challenging situations. I have noticed that I have started to takes things less personal therefore, I react in a much measured way. This is a valuable course and well presented”.


Mindfulness |

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Get More Living Out of Life – Mindfulness 6-week Programme.

This underpinning of this programme focuses on the development of Stability of Mind through training the attention networks, in doing so developing the mental faculty of mindfulness and awareness.

You will gain a thorough understanding of what stability of mind is,  what mindfulness is, what awareness is and what meditation is.  This programme offers one of the most comprehensive training programmes for development of the mindfulness faculty, integrating both theory and practice.


  • This is an online 1-2-1 mindfulness 6-week programme through Team’s platform.  We meet each week for 1-hour.


  • Initial 1-hour discovery session to find out what you want from this mindfulness programme, set expectations and discuss commitment to undertake practices given. The practices outlined in this training programme will vary from week to week and you will be supported  throughout.  You will have access to a variety of guided mindfulness practices.


  • Six 1-hour weekly structured mindfulness sessions whereby we review how your personal mindfulness practice has developing.  We explore any blocks or barriers to your practice – there will be many, this is part of the process, but use work through them and learn from them.


  • You will be given all the tools and support needed to develop your mindfulness faculty. It is important to understand that developing the faculty of mindfulness is an ongoing lifelong commitment that develops overtime as your stability of mind strengthens and your awareness increases.


  • Access to Audio, Video and PDF resources.


  • WhatsApp support in-between weekly sessions.


  • One month after you complete these sessions you will have a 1-hour check-in session we me to see how you are sustaining your learning and practice.


  • 8 – hours in total.

Mindfulness is not passive it is active. Taking action brings change without change we simply remain the same caught up in programmed, conditioned response. Take action today and book your call with me.

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“I have really enjoyed the challenges each week has presented and I believe that the practice I have done has been hugely beneficial. I will miss these sessions – Thank you so much”.



“I believe this course would be beneficial to so many people in their lives, relationships and work. I am particularly interested in the benefits to health & wellbeing without the use of drugs / medication – offers an alternative view – Thank you”.



All sessions are online through TEAM’s Platform.

This is a 6-week session commitment.

1 hour discovery session pre programme commencement.

Attending weekly for six 1-hour duration sessions.

Access to online PDF workbooks, Audio and Video resources to support learning.

WhatsApp support in-between sessions.

1 hour check in session 1 month after programme completion.

8 hours in total.



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