A Proactive way to work with Stress, Anxiety, Depression & Trauma.

Human dis-ease (stress, anxiety, depression and trauma), calls for a Human Centred Holistic Approach, working with the whole person – Mind, Body, Energy System and Environment.  This is a very different approach to our Western Healthcare Medical Model whereby, the human system has been split into two parts Mind (Mental Health) and Body (Physical Health) treating each part separately when they are interrelated parts of the whole human system.  Thankfully, this is very slowly beginning to change.

Stress, anxiety, depression & trauma are symptoms, NOT innate deficiencies, defects or weaknesses, brought about by our reaction to a situation or event.  These symptoms result in what we call stress, anxiety, depression or trauma resulting in our mind becoming scattered, distracted and lost.  A scattered mind activates thoughts of worry and repetitive thinking often resulting in loss of energy, fatigue, apathy, hyper alertness, disruptive sleep, automatic habitual negative thinking patterns, reactive behaviours, low mood and unhelpful copying strategies.  Overtime, these presentations become acute leading to our human system to break down or burnout.  Breaking down or burning out is our human mind-body-energy system stopping us in our tracks and now we have to pay attention and do things differently!

All thoughts trigger feelings that activate our bodies emotional energy system producing a behavioural response that give us the results we experience, either positive or negative.  So it is vital that we become aware of our thoughts and learn how to bring the scatter mind into balance when life, inevitably, throws or curve ball or demands on us start to increase the pressure. A scattered mind is a distracted, reactive mind a mind in balance is a focussed, flexible and responsive mind.  Developing stability of mind is your key to mental and emotional resilience.

Mindflow’s Human Centred Approach give you the tools and a clear pathway to navigate life, to develop stability of mind to manage the symptoms (mind-states) of stress, anxiety, depression or trauma experience. To become more responsive, less reactive, balanced, mentally and emotionally resilient to move forward in the direction of positive growth rather than been blown about by our thoughts and emotions, feeling distracted, overwhelmed, burnout and lost.


Private individuals self funding or holding private health care policies.

Specialising in stress, anxiety, depression and trauma, complex and single event, experience.



I am a qualified and experience EMDR trauma therapist specialising in psychological injury through car accidents or other personal events.  I can offer immediate online appointments.

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“Such a wonderful experience – found it easy to talk and got lots of help. Geraldine is very professional at all times and has a wealth of knowledge about mental health and how the mind works”.



“This programme has been life changing for me. I use the practices taught everyday.  It has helped me so much to manage my levels of anxiety, find inner balance and peace from my mind jumping all over the place”.


“Stress affects people differently – what stresses one person may not affect another. Understanding how to identify signs of stress, can prevent and reduce stress”.


“55% of people who reported having a good supply of personal resources, with vitality having the most weight, will be better able to cope with adversities and will show less distress”.

British Journal of Health Psychology.

Stress is normal and necessary however…..

Normal functioning of the human stress response enables us to deal with challenge and survive a threat.  When a challenge or threat has been registered the sympathetic nervous system becomes activated resulting in the stress response taking over to remove us from that challenge or threat.  Threats can be imagined threats, in our thoughts, or real threats, actually happening to us.  Our mind-body-energy system cannot differentiate between an imagined threat or a real threat it just registers threat.

The threat response is our inbuilt fight, flight, freeze response which aims to get us out of danger and survive.  Once the challenge or threat has passed the parasympathetic nervous system (relaxation – self regulation response) takes over to bring the mind-body-emotions back into a calm, balanced and relaxed state.  This is normal and proper functioning of the human mind-body survival mechanism and we need it to survive.

However, research from over the past 40 years is showing that when repeated activation of the sympathetic nervous becomes chronic it remains stuck on “overdrive” resulting in toxic stress.  Toxic stress gives rise to high levels or anxiety (not being able to stop or control worrying), burnout (physical or mental collapse), depression (persistent feelings of sadness and loss of interest), and trauma activation (emotional shock following a stressful event or physical injury).

It is important to understand that not all stress is bad.  Eustress or positive stress is a state of feeling capable of handling whatever life throws at you, without having panic, overreacting, or planning your exit strategy.  Research is beginning to show that cultivating Eustress, positive stress, may provide a long-lasting solution to the pervasive toxic stress that is creating distress and harm in our lives and the lives of others.


“I now notice when my stress is building to a point where it can cross into burnout I am now able to do something about it. I never recognised high stress  levels before and just kept going and going.  I now do things very differently and wish I had worked with Geraldine sooner”.



“I have learned exercises and ways to deal with certain situations that trigger panic from past trauma – I no longer experience panic. Geraldine’s unique approach has given me the skills to move forward”.


You are not alone…

We live in a world of system overload and technology stimulation where we rarely get five minutes to ourselves to stop and decompress – busy, busy, busy has become the dominating factor and COVID 19 has escalated this and changed our lives forever.  We may have lost loved ones, power and control taken from us, fearful and uncertain of events happening in our global world, increasing conflict, economic crisis all impacting on our day to day living and how we are going to survive.

We find our attention tugged this way and that by competing demands of work, family, relationships and life events happening.  We find ourselves multi-tasking, scrolling through the phone with endless databases that steal our attention and scatter our mind.  We start juggling family and work, worrying about the past (how that talk went yesterday, reliving conversations repeatedly) or worrying about the future (how am I going to get the project done on time, what will they think about me if I don’t).  Worrying about the past and trying to predict or control the future is the biggest contributory factor to mind-body-energy system overload resulting in repeated activation of the threat response (sympathetic nervous system), becoming stuck on “overdrive” unable to access the relaxation response (parasympathetic nervous system), unable to feel calm or relaxed always thinking about or needing to do something.   The impact of which often results in chronic toxic stress, burnout, anxiety or depression.

All this distress and despair is workable!

Stress, anxiety and depression are symptoms that the mind has became scattered, distracted and overloaded which can lead to a variety of unhelpful habits and addictive behaviours including illicit drug taking, alcohol dependence, gambling addiction, a variety of eating disorders, self-harm, self medication through prescription drugs and can, unfortunately, lead to suicide.

People can also experience general apathy, loss of productivity, disengagement, relationship problems, dysregulated sleep, no work life balance, always chasing the clock, feelings of being stuck or lost in life, no purpose or direction.

The first step is to develop stability of mind to bring the mind in balance.

“51% of Adults who felt stressed reported feeling depressed, and 61% reported feeling anxious”.

Mental Health Foundation.

“In the past year, 74% of people have felt stressed that they have been overwhelmed or unable to cope”.

Mental Health Foundation.

“In, 2021, there were 5,583 suicides registered in England and Wales.  Three quarter were males (4,129; 74%), 16 deaths per 100,000 with female rates 5.5 per 100,000.”

Office of National Statistics.


“My stress had got to such a level I simply burned out.  It was a though I had gone head long into a brick wall and had to stop. With Geraldine’s support and skills I am now back at work, but work very differently, with greater awareness and management of the stress creep”.



“I have suffered from depression on and off for years at times it has been hell on earth for me. The work I have done with Geraldine has given me the tools to manage depression if it strikes again. Everybody should learn these skills they are lifesavers. I can’t thank you enough”.


So, what to do?


My Approach…

I offer a very different approach to working with the difficulties and challenges you are experiencing.  By providing you with the tools and a clear pathway you will become more equipped to navigate the symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression and trauma, become more responsive rather than reactive, feel more balance and whole.

This is a self-directed, proactive approach to your mental health and wellbeing putting you in charge of your own life.  You will gain working knowledge of your mind-body-energy system, learn how to tame and train your mind, develop stability of mind bringing your mind into balance.

I work with people who are committed and motivated towards accessing the power within themselves, to take charge of their own lives, to move forward in a direction of positive growth, to find purpose, to feel healthier and more balanced in all areas of life both personally and professionally.


Helping you to…

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The Geraldine Thomas Approach to Stress, Anxiety, Depression and Trauma.

  • This is an online 1-2-1 programme through Team’s platform.  We meet each week for 1 hour.


  • Initial 1-hour discovery session to find out what are your goals and formulate a plan for achieving them.  We will explore current blocks that are impeding progress and keeping you stuck.  There may be a number of current challenges in your life impacting on your day to day functioning, draining your energy system, reducing mental capacity and creating turbulence.  We will work through everything to gain clarity and set our direction.


  • 8 – 1-hour weekly structured sessions whereby you will gain a thorough understanding of your mind-body-energy system, both theoretically and experientially.  You will be taught a variety of mind training exercises to develop stability of mind, sharping the attention networks, cultivating latent mental faculties, and develop greater awareness of the mind-body-energy system.


  •  You will be given all the tools and support needed to develop stability of mind and bring the mind-body-energy system into balance.  The skills you will learn will become your tools for life enabling you to navigate through the inevitable challenges and opportunities life brings enabling you to thrive, life your purpose, feel balanced and whole.


  • Access to Audio, Video and PDF resources.


  • WhatsApp support in-between weekly sessions.


  • One month after you complete these sessions you will have a 1-hour check-in session we me to see how you are sustaining your learning.


  • 10 – hours in total.

Four Thoughts To Turn The Mind

You only have one life – learn to live it.

There will be difficulties but everything is workable.

The direction you choose becomes your destination.

Every moment offers you the potential for change.


“Excellent resources and structure. It has brought a new sense of urgency and direction to my life which has not been there before. Thank you”.



“I have found the mindfulness aspects of Geraldine’s work invaluable for me to manage my levels of anxiety better. It has also given me a different perspective on life. Thank you so much”.



All sessions are online through TEAM’s Platform.

This is an 8-session commitment.

1 hour discovery session pre programme commencement.

Attending weekly for eight 1-hour duration sessions.

Access to online PDF workbooks, Audio and Video resources to support learning.

WhatsApp support in-between sessions.

1 hour check in session 1 month after programme completion.

10 hours in total.



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