An Unexpected Day!

Back to stunning Snowdonia for another amazing day not without its challenges, due to heat exhaustion and two broken toes, but survived to tell the tale 🙂

This time my intention was to climb the Glyderau range of mountains. The name derives from the highest peaks in the range, Gylder Fawr and Glyder Fach. According to Sir Ifor Williams, a Welsh scholar who laid the foundations for the academic study of Old Welsh, particularly early Welsh poetry, the word “Glyder” means a heap of stones.

The Glyders another mountain range I had not climbed for the last 35 years. I set out with the same enthusiasm and intention to climb to the top. However, due to external events, heat exhaustion and broken toes, I had to adjust my plans.

Life has a habit of throwing us off course but we have to learn to adjust to the unexpected external events that are out of our control, take action and work with the challenges presented.

Stopped at Llyn Bochlwyd to rest, rejuvenate and readjust to plans not to climb to the top but find another route around and down. Acceptance of the present situation, meeting challenge with openness and adapting to change puts you back in the drivers seat.

My intention for the day changed by circumstances out of my control captured another wonderful day and created a new memory.

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