Where does time go?

Feeling amazing!

It was 35-years ago I was on the top of this mountain Pen yr Ole Wen, part of the Carneddau range of mountains in Snowdonia National Park, North Wales.

The Carneddau are the largest continuous stretch of mountain land over 2,500 feet and includes six of the highest peaks in the country and forms part of the 15 peak challenge. The range includes a number of lakes one of which Llyn Ogwen was reputed to be the place from which Sir Bedivere failed to draw King Arthur’s sword Excalibur, just one of many myths and legends from this stunning area.

As I set off to climb this mountain my mind transports me back to memories of the people in my life then, to the place I lived, Bethesda down in the valley below this range of mountains, for 16 years of my life. The mind brings to the surface an array of memories, emotions and reflections.

Life transition and change is an endless cycle of endings and new beginnings – embrace it and move forward.

Reconnecting to what brings a sense of joy, purpose and direction to your life. I love meeting fellow travellers along the way, sharing fleeting moments in time – Thank you Sky.

After a very long day I return to basecamp feeling amazing!

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